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ICYMI: Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

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If you weren’t able to attend the Summit in San Francisco, read on to get our take on the most important updates for enterprise users.

  • Acquisition of Bizible for improved end-to-end measurement
  • Strategic partnerships with Google Cloud, SAP and Tibco
  • Solutions for ABM, Data Management and Global Demand Centers
  • New product features: Performance Insights, Sales Engage and AI

Last week’s Summit was our second as a certified partner. In the intervening year, we’ve on-boarded a wealth of Marketo talent, most recently Linda Kazdova, who joined us in London as a Technology Strategist. Linda spent two years working for Marketo as a Business Consultant, and has also managed large-scale Marketo implementations while at Equinix and Software AG. In only her second week, she was dispatched to join our North American team at her eighth(!) Marketing Nation Summit.

What a welcome to the Partners Day and Linda attending the Women in Martech lunch at Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit

What a welcome to the Partners Day (left image) and Linda joining the Women in MarTech lunch (right image)

Linda’s view from the Marketo Summit

Marketing Nation kicks off early for partners with a Sunday afternoon gathering to get the inside track on Marketo’s plans for the coming year. SVP of Strategy and Alliances, TK Kader, gave us an overview of the ‘Marketo Economy’. In 2017 the company enjoyed its biggest year ever in terms of revenue, with more than 700 new partners added in over 50 countries.

Marketo has clearly realized that cultivating a vibrant partner community is essential to ensuring the successful adoption of its platform – particularly within the global enterprise market. And the stats back this up: TK revealed that customers who use a Services Partner achieve a 30% higher adoption rate.

Strategic direction and some new productized solutions

TK talked about continuing to ‘up-level’ the platform vision: no mere marketing automation platform, Marketo is an omni-channel customer engagement engine. To back this positioning up, Marketo plans to launch five new ‘productized solutions’ this year – all significant updates for our enterprise customers:

  1. End-to-End Revenue Attribution – an early pointer towards a big announcement to come later in the event
  2. Account-Based Marketing – probably the feature of most interest with so many enterprise customers exploring how they can scale their programmatic ABM efforts
  3. Customer Lifecycle Marketing – going beyond lead generation to drive loyalty, advocacy and customer success
  4. Customer Data Platform – the new battleground for enterprise marketing cloud vendors
  5. Global Demand Center – definitely something that will resonate with our clients, many of whom are trying to centralize and rationalize their use of marketing technology

Hopefully these new solutions will come packaged in a way that addresses some of the confusion we see among new customers trying to understand the different configurations and modules available within the platform.

Major partnerships announcements

It’s a good thing I didn’t party too hard at the end of day one, as day two opened with a three-hour keynote featuring Marketo CMO Sarah Kennedy and CEO Steve Lucas announcing several new partnerships:

  • Google Cloud – to add more scalability and reliability to the platform, as well as new AI capabilities.
  • SAP – a new native integration with SAP CRM.
  • Tibco – leveraging Tibco’s reporting capabilities to create that much-desired Single Customer View (SCV).
  • Bizible – and saving the best till last (sorry Google, SAP and Tibco) the acquisition of Bizible, a multi-touch marketing attribution solution that enables enterprise marketers to assess the contribution of all their offline and online marketing investments.

The Bizible acquisition is Marketo’s biggest to date. The move doesn’t surprise me, as Marketo has been trying to improve its multi-channel attribution and visual reporting for some time now. It will be interesting to see the roadmap showing how quickly they plan to integrate this capability into the platform.

Some exciting new Marketo product features

Not to be outdone, there were a whole host of new announcements from the product team, including:

  • Marketo Sky – the new-look interface of Marketo, available in Beta at the end of May. It’s less purple and more ‘enterprisey’ with some cool features that marketers have been waiting for: clone entire smart lists, set asset expiration, mass approve assets and advanced analytics.
  • Marketo Performance Insights – a new reporting add-on including a CMO dashboard and more visual attribution reporting.
  • Marketo Sales Engage – an app within Marketo for Sales that lets sales people build target account playbooks. Think Marketo Sales Insight 2.0 combined with ToutApp for ABM targeting.
  • LaunchPoint – the technology partner network with stack builder and native filters/triggers will be available in Marketo Sky.
  • Artificial Intelligence – new tools enabling marketers to create look-a-like audiences using predictive analytics (powered by MarketOne partner, Mintigo) and target them with personalized campaigns.
  • Facebook Workplace – an integration with the enterprise collaboration product allowing marketers to get real-time alerts on their marketing campaigns.

A sprinkling of stardust and some real people

It wasn’t all work. We had celebrity guests on hand to tell us how to be fearless. Actor, musician, singer, songwriter, producer and comedian Jamie Foxx told us “If you spend too much time hanging on to your fears, it’s gonna keep you from doing something incredible.” Amen Jamie. And Lindsey Vonn revealed that “Your failures can lead to your biggest successes” (I suspect she wasn’t actually talking about multivariate testing, but hey, I’ll take it in the spirit it was intended).

Group shots of Linda with clients and partners at Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit

Thrilled we could spend some time with clients and partners

It was an absolute pleasure to get together with some of our US-based clients, as well as meeting some people I very much hope become clients (you know who you are). It’s fair to say I could definitely dine on oysters and prosecco at least four days a week. And then of course we got to spend time with old friends at Marketo and partners like Bizible, LookBookHQ (now PathFactory), Mintigo and Terminus (recent acquirer of BrightFunnel) – thanks for the hospitality guys – see you next year?