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UBX Unified Buyer Experience

Summing up – why you need the UBX framework

B2B buying is predominantly digitally driven, with sales reps now just one channel among many others including digital self-serving touchpoints. The customer journey is no longer linear, with marketing passing the traditional baton to sales. Organizations need to remodel their sales and marketing to remain relevant in today’s market and look to minimize any existing organizational and channel-based silos. The UBX framework can be used as a strategic tool to achieve this.

For most companies, dismantling silos to drive UBX isn’t something that can happen overnight – you may need to engage stakeholders across the company to nudge operational and cultural shifts. But rest assured, digital transformation is at your fingertips and begins with small changes – think cross-department collaboration with software to support communication, and identifying which systems and processes are contributing to data silos. MarketOne’s UBX framework can provide the vision and objectives under which all managers and teams can unite.

What can a UBX strategy deliver?

Why should you work towards a Unified Buyer Experience? Companies who invest in UBX can enjoy year-on-year growth and ROI optimization. Research shows that breaking down silos, especially data silos, combined with better alignment through RevOps allows companies to drive superior results from their demand programs [Boston Consulting Group]:

  • 100% to 200% increases in digital marketing ROI
  • 10% increase in lead acceptance
  • 15% to 20% increases in internal customer satisfaction
  • 30% reduction in GTM expenses

Forrester research found that B2B organizations that embrace aligned revenue operations will be best positioned to thrive in the next three to five years. When we look at employing an ABM approach, the results are equally as convincing. Account-centric programs deliver superior results with Forrester reporting better account engagement (99%), improved win rate (80%), higher deal size (73%) and improved ROI (91%).

Take the UBX Readiness Assessment

To find out where your organization sits on the journey towards a Unified Buyer Experience, take the UBX assessment that explores each of the seven pillars. You’ll get a read-out of your organization’s UBX maturity, with recommendations on addressing the gaps to drive growth and revenue.

Want to delve deeper into UBX?

MarketOne can also create a bespoke engagement model, depending on your level of maturity. You may want to start with a strategy to get the foundations in place, such as lead management, a single view of your buyer to enable customer journey segmentation or orchestration. This might include martech audits, roadmaps and MAP migrations. Or perhaps you have an existing demand engine so we should start with execution services only. Maybe you want to get going and want strategy and execution combined.

However, you choose to get started on your UBX journey, the unassailable fact remains that, in today’s B2B buying landscape, exceptional buyer experiences are paramount to business success. To achieve this, you need to provide relevant, useful experiences to your prospects and customers at every touchpoint, on every platform at every moment. Let us help you get there.

How aligned is your organization to drive results?

When every element is orchestrated, you can reach your buyer where they are, creating a Unified Buyer Experience (UBX) to drive growth.

Is your organization a beginner or pro at alignment?

Take the UBX readiness test