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I want to use data and technology to make my calling smarter

Companies have spent a fortune on technology to get email, web, search and ad channels working smarter. But many business development teams have yet to see the benefit. Although they have perhaps the most critical contact with prospects, most continue to struggle with incomplete data and mis-aligned processes. Just think how much more they could achieve with the right insight and tools at their fingertips.

There’s a turbo button somewhere. Let’s go press it.

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What are you up against?

Deploying a basic predictive model delivered a 600% uplift in MQLs
Source: MarketOne customer, 2016

Getting the right data in front of reps

There’s no shortage of useful data. But when it sits on a multitude of systems, it can take forever to compile a complete picture. Demanding daily quotas give outbound business development reps precious little time to prepare contact information and plan their approach. Inbound calls or live chat sessions give them no time at all.

Some BDRs need to access 20+ systems to build a complete picture of a prospect’s profile and behaviour.
Source: MarketOne research, 2016

Turning insight into action

Even when reps have the data, do they really know what to do with it? They can see the prospect’s digital behavior, but a tendency to click is not the same as a propensity to purchase. Predictive scores may not indicate why a prospect is likely to engage. A social media “like” doesn’t mean “buy”. How can these data points provide the insight to spark conversations that convert?

Proactive chat delivers 2x more Sales Ready Leads than equivalent time spent on targeting outbound calling. And nearly 3x as many contacts to enter into Nurture.
Source: MarketOne customer 2016

Making social interaction count

Perhaps a Public Relations or Corporate Communications team owns the social listening platform, but what about social interaction? It’s now possible to put live chat on company Facebook pages. Who better to engage in direct conversation than a business development team trained to convert interest into opportunity?

30% of customers are connected to digital channels while speaking to an agent
Source: CEB Member Survey, 2014

Intelligent nurturing of leads

Leads get converted; leads get rejected. But what about the prospects populating the grey area in-between? Put them back into the email nurturing program until they reappear in the call queue and are treated as a new lead? We need systems and processes that enable scheduled call backs, we need an ongoing dialogue through social media, we need ownership.

Closing the feedback loop

Is the business development team measured only by the number of conversions? Or is there a value attached to the nuanced information gathered, which will help to steer future conversations and segmented communication? How can this be gathered – and made actionable? And will agents take the time to do it, when their KPIs don’t provide the incentive?

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“Even if a conversation doesn’t meet lead criteria, it is often full of valuable insight. The smartest business development teams use every bit of information they can to gain an edge.”

Stuart Hawe

MarketOne Europe

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  • Integrated lead nurturing and customer engagement
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  • Proactive and reactive live chat
  • Predictive analytics: proprietary models and partnerships

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