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Funnelocity is the B2B sales and marketing podcast from MarketOne, bringing you a down-to-earth perspective on what it takes to succeed in global B2B demand generation from top to bottom of the funnel. In each episode, MarketOne President Enrico Brosio, accompanied by a special guest, brings you real talk on a different stage, strategy or business situation impacting the world of B2B sales and marketing.

Episodes are published every 2 weeks on Thursdays, and you can click on the links below to access on the following channels:

Our latest episodes:

Season 2, episode 1: Blow it up and start again: How to evolve and not destroy your lead management process

What are the key considerations for designing a lead to revenue process, whether you're just starting out or you're looking to refine your existing approach? Aaron Doherty, Growth Marketing Lead at Pachyderm, and MarketOne's own Jennifer Comisford join new hosts Mary Kleinsorgen and Gifford Morley-Fletcher in a wide-ranging discussion covering topics such as getting buy-in for the process, maintaining success, the best tech to use, and, of course, measurement. Read the full text here

Season 2, episode 2: Putting the human back into Marketing: How to rise above the Tech Noise with Daniel Kushner of Oktopost

Everybody's talking about the evolution of customer experience, but has B2B marketing really changed that much in the last 20-30 years, or is there just a lot more noise generated by the glut of technology solutions used today by marketers? Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost joins MarketOne's own Shaun Ma to discuss the issue and suggest how we might cut through the noise and return to the core tenets of marketing. Read the full text here

Season 2, episode 3: Wash, rinse and repeat - the secrets of Global B2B Digital Production with Catalina Dobre

How do you build and manage a global digital production team that creates thousands of assets a year with barely an error in sight? Catalina Dobre, MarketOne’s Director of Global Production and EMEA Client Services joins Mary and Gifford to take us on an error-free journey from onboarding to delivery, along the way digging into the importance of people and processes, as well as revealing the source of her obsession with perfect execution. Read the full text here

Season 1, episode 1: 30 Days of Webinars with Emma Westley

Emma Westley, founder of immerj.io and CMO for the Invigorate platform, embarked on a 30 day deep investigation of the current state of B2B webinars. In this, our inaugural episode of Funnelocity, Enrico and Emma discuss the good, bad, and ugly of the over 40 webinars she attended, and Emma provides her top 5 insights for running a great webinar. Read the full text here.

Season 1, episode 2: Building a Successful BDR Team with Tom Stearns

Tom Stearns, Inside Sales Consultant, Trainer, and Coach, joins Enrico for a soup to nuts discussion on what it takes to make BDRs and SDRs successful. From when to Insource vs. Outsource, to skills building, technology, measurement, and beyond. Prepare to go deep into the fascinating world of creating a great SDR team, with two passionate experts who have lived it.  Read the full text here.

Season 1, episode 3: Sales & Marketing Alignment in the time of Covid with John Steinert, CMO of TechTarget

2020 has been a transformative year in so many ways, including B2B Marketing. Could the new work-from-home culture be the catalyst for the acceleration of digital transformation and Sales and Marketing alignment? MarketOne conducted in-depth interviews with 30 leaders in B2B Marketing and Sales to hear their take. The results were fascinating. Listen as John Steinert, CMO of TechTarget, and Fred Ewald, CEO of MarketOne, join Enrico for an exploration of the implications for Sales and Marketing into 2021 and beyond. Read the details here.

Season 1, episode 4: The Sales Engagement Tech Revolution with Simon Daniels

The dirty little secret of B2B Marketing is that Sales never stopped doing their own scaled outreach. With the predominance of working from home and all the changes that came along with it, Sales Engagement platforms have emerged as the new must-have for digitally savvy Rev Ops teams. This week, well-known Marketing Operations leader Simon Daniels talks with Enrico about his experiences choosing, implementing, and integrating sales engagement technologies for his clients. Read the full transcript here.

Season 1, episode 5: Schneider Electric's Model for Supercharging Sales and Marketing with Mandy Wallace

Sales and Marketing alignment is more important than ever in 2020. Join us as Mandy Wallace, Head of Global Demand Generation for Schneider Electric, and Kalja Moolenaar, Senior Strategist at MarketOne, chat with Enrico about how Schneider Electric is bringing Sales and Marketing together globally with a variety of digital coverage models, fueled by customer insight, data, and marketing automation.  Read the full transcript here.

Season 1, episode 6: Is the Funnel Dead? With Jenny Comisford and Mary Kleinsorgen

It's the age-old question regularly revisited by B2B aficionados, client and agency alike: is the Sales and Marketing Funnel still a useful, performing framework, has it evolved, or should we be using a completely different approach? Join us as Jenny Comisford, Digital Strategist, and Mary Kleinsorgen, Technical Strategist, both at MarketOne, team up with Enrico to address the question from all angles: is The Funnel still fit for purpose, if not, why not, what approach would we recommend instead, and what are the requirements from a strategic and technology point of view? Read the full transcript here.

Season 1, episode 7: Going 'back to basics' with your B2B Marketing Strategy - Anvi Bui

When building B2B Marketing campaigns, it's very easy to get caught up in the newest frameworks and shiniest technologies as the best route to deliver the results we all crave, but the fact is that no tool, however complex and clever, will make a difference if you haven't covered the basics. Join us as marketing technology expert Anvi Bui teams up with Enrico to talk us through the basic foundations of a successful B2B Marketing Strategy, provide some real world examples and encourage us to wear that 'I am basic' badge with pride. Read the full transcript here.

Season 1, episode 8: Effective B2B Sales Development in a Work from Home world

Over the last year, we've all got used to working from home, but this doesn't mean it's been business as usual for everyone. In the world of B2B Sales Development, BDRs / SDRs have encountered a new challenge: how do you continue selling effectively when face-to-face meetings are off the table and prospects are difficult or even impossible to reach because they too are working from home? Join us as Brad Fijac and Theo Tsiavis from MarketOne Australia team up with Enrico to explain how they have successfully addressed this challenge, to introduce the concept of Tele 2.0, and to look at whether the world of B2B Sales has been changed for ever by the pandemic. Read the full transcript here.