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I need to sell to accounts not individuals – ABM

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is not simply a bolt-on technology that you can just add to the mix. It’s a fundamental shift in how you go to market, and takes careful planning, new skills and resources, and more than a little patience to get it right.
Let us help you re-shape your demand generation strategy and reap the benefits of taking an account-first approach.

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What are you up against?

Do you even know which accounts you should be targeting? (The answer can’t always be found among the Fortune 500). Regardless, your starting point is probably years of accumulated contact-based data and a technology stack designed to target the individual. Let us help blend and integrate your data to get the ABM view you need.

Companies with ABM in place generate 208% more revenue for their marketing efforts
Source: Marketing Profs

Do you really need another way of segmenting?

It’s hard enough working with multiple personas and vertical segments. ABM now adds the need for account-based value propositions and messaging. So how do you create content that’s relevant to every account without multiplying the workload and budget?

ABM directly addresses sales-marketing alignment, challenging the 50% of sales time wasted on unproductive prospecting
Source: B2B Lead

Coordinating the chaos

Large accounts mean multiple conversations. How do you ensure each interaction adds intelligence and clarity instead of clouding the picture – or just being forgotten? How do you show the customers you’re not just joined up, but listening to what they say?

What’s the role of technology?

Unfortunately, you can’t just go out and buy ABM and switch it on. Besides, having made huge investments in marketing technology already, do you really need more? How do you leverage predictive modeling, retargeting and web personalization when they’re geared up to target individuals? Let us advise on what works for you and what doesn’t.

91% of those with an ABM program in place said they were “tightly” or “somewhat or moderately” aligned with sales
Source: Sirius Decisions in eMarketer

How do you organize Marketing?

How does ABM affect the structure of the marketing organization? How do you get everyone – from the web team to content creators to advertising, events and business development reps to share the same account-based view and approach?

How does Marketing enable Sales in an ABM world?

It’s an uneasy relationship at the best of times. But ABM is a chance for marketing to provide sales with invaluable intelligence and smart content that will open up new opportunities in every account. Provided you can coordinate and scale efforts across units, teams and geographies.

Capabilities combined to meet this challenge

  • Predictive analytics to identify target accounts
  • Integrating data from MAP, CRM, ERP systems
  • Segmentation to support account-based personalization
  • Lead nurturing and remarketing programs
  • Outbound sales lead development
  • Closed loop sales and marketing funnel reporting


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“Having a coordinated, clear view across a whole account gives you a massive advantage over any competitor who is interacting with them in a fragmented way. With an account-wide context for each buying decision, you have a comprehensive understanding of their motivations and needs.”

Mary McMillan

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