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I want my events to start delivering a return

It’s the day of the big show. The team is briefed, the demo is loaded, and the display stand is full of shiny brochures. But how confident are you that all that work will produce a real return? Or are you doing it because you did it last year? Whether we’re talking webinars or major trade shows, we understand how events fit with the rest of the demand gen machine – and how they produce real ROI.

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What are you up against?

50% of B2B marketers invest in events
Source: Kapost

Struggling with the event silo?

Events teams often work in a vacuum – yet they are an essential and highly effective part of your demand gen and nurturing programs. Let us help you join the dots and reap the benefits.

The most popular B2B event types are conferences, followed by trade shows, and webinars
Source: eMarketer

What did you learn from last year?

To do the same again and hope for the best? Or to refine and improve based on hard data? We test, analyse and compare – and apply our own experience – to help you make each event better than the last.

Only 48% of marketers can measure ROI for events. Just 21% have configured scoring to score event attendance, and only 19% nurture event leads
Source: BTOB and Marketo

Now, what about recruiting the audience?

Avoid empty chairs (or webinar rooms) by targeting the segments in your database most likely to attend and using the right blend of tele and digital to maximize registration – and minimize drop-out. Automate where possible (with a frictionless registration experience) but remember that pitching an event to a senior-level audience requires a very personal touch.

Is it a relationship – or a series of first dates?

Tracking event attendance history is tricky – but essential. Avoid corporate amnesia and talk to previous attendees in the way they would expect. Move the relationship forward instead of starting over every time.

1 out of 6 marketers do not understand how to integrate data captured from events into their marketing automation system
Source: Certain

It’s all about your timing

You had them – and you lost them. The audience loved your content, but how do you extend their engagement beyond the event itself? We can prevent warm leads from going cold by making the follow-up timely, relevant and compelling.

Capturing data as well as leads

The leads coming from events are not the only measure of value. Insight gathered through conversations or online polls is useful in honing your ongoing nurturing efforts – provided systems talk to one another. Let us help integrate your event platforms and extract that extra value.

Capabilities combined to meet this challenge

  • Content strategy and planning
  • Account selection and discovery
  • Database-driven email audience recruitment
  • Automated event confirmations and reminders
  • Registration page conversion rate optimization
  • Lead nurturing and remarketing programs
  • Telequalification of scored leads

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“Events are the ultimate human interaction – but they are so much more successful when the digital marketing machine is aligned behind them.”

Sheila Hathaway

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