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Big Data Problem or a Big Problem with Data? Part II: The Solution

JEFF WRIGHT, Director – Demand Center Practice

Every new digital tool we acquire gathers still more data, yet few are designed to help us unify that data into a meaningful, commonly-understood format. The result is that while everyone seems to be talking about the power of data, few of us are equipped to really unleash it. The first stage is data unification…

The first part of this article looked at the different scenarios in which businesses collect and use data. The information … Continue reading…

Big Data Problem or a Big Problem with Data? Part I: The Issues

JEFF WRIGHT, Director – Demand Center Practice

The race to adopt the latest marketing technology has enthralled us. But in our excitement, there is a risk that we lose sight of what really makes it work – the data that underpins every new platform, tool or channel and drives true marketing success.

Supergraphics, such as the one compiled by Scott Brinker (below) are mesmerizing. Spend a moment looking at the wealth of technology available to B2B marketers and it’s easy to think … Continue reading…

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