Service Level Agreements

TYPE 1: Eloqua Campaign Production Services: Eloqua development for templated email and landing pages, forms alignment/creation, and campaign setup average build to QA is 3-5 business days.  This SLA also allows for 1 round of minor copy changes during final UAT.  If additional review cycles, design support, discovery on automated processes is needed, or if there are missing elements – Type 2 SLA will be applied.

Type 2: Eloqua Ad-Hoc/Non-Template/Bug Fix: Timing on these tasks are difficult to estimate since they require discovery and/or design before being able to implement a solution, MarketOne will provide an initial turn around estimate within 1-2 business days from receiving the request.  Updates on the request will be provided weekly until resolved.

Type 3: Strategic Consulting, Larger/More Involved Initiatives: Design, advisory or planning sessions requiring consulting resources require a lead time of 3-5 business days to schedule a briefing with a MarketOne subject matter expert and the delivery plan will be presented as the first action item from that briefing.  Additional details on timeframe and scope for agreed to deliverables will also be provided after the briefing.

Important SLA guidelines:

Timeframes may be shortened or elongated based on volume surges, and should be discussed during weekly status calls to ensure on-time delivery.  The following lead times are based on the agreed to hours per week maximum outlined in any active statement of work, unplanned increase over 30-50% per week may be subject to new SLAs and require lead time of 2-3+ weeks to ramp resources depending on the increase in volume.

Change Request Procedure and SLA:

Change requests beyond one minor round defaults to Type 2 or Type 3 SLA

SLA timing begins once a client has submitted a finalized and agreed upon brief between MarketOne and client.