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Eloqua Markie – People’s Choice Award – Intel & Marketone – The Power to Succeed

Date: 18 September 2013

We’re really excited to have an entry in the new Eloqua Markie award for 2013: The People’s Choice Award. Nearly 50 companies have submitted a video along with their written Markie submission (in a wide variety of categories!) and these videos are now all eligible for this Award. MarketOne worked with their preferred APAC video agency, ShotCut to produce what we feel is an award winning video.

The video supplements the work MarketOne performed for Intel in 2012-2013. Intel began using Eloqua in 2012, and the APAC region was the first region to adopt the platform, initially for pilot purposes. There was a global directive to evaluate various Marketing Automation Platforms by allowing different regions to document the success of using those platforms. MarketOne was chosen as the partner to support Intel APAC’s Eloqua objectives.

Prior to the adoption of Eloqua:

  • Channel managers were communicating directly with resellers via numerous communication platforms
  • Gated/restrictive campaign deployment took place behind the portal sign up processes
  • Content centric campaign deployments were implemented with no interaction other than access to content
  • There was limited visibility into the digital profile of resellers other than via business card data
  • Multiple agencies were being used to complete projects
  • There was limited understanding of interest areas on the channel partner portal other than volume of numbers
  • Content on the portal was one size fits all and not dynamic, based on the users profiles or their interactions
  • No centralised reporting on overall success existed

We started to launch all marketing campaigns via Eloqua using custom automated components. Each campaign included dynamic elements which allowed streamlined deployment of up-to-the-minute information as well as providing automated elements to capture reseller behavior and interests.

Eloqua as a CMS

  • Recent News: A datacard driven news feature which allows the marketing team to post updates via the scrolling news feature on the website
  • Email Inbox: Every email that is deployed to resellers has an online version url. This url is posted into a datacard set and is drawn onto the landing page as an email inbox, so resellers can see all emails received over the last few months. This provides up to date information on all reseller promotions that are running
  • Event Calendar: A datacard driven event calendar allows the marketing team to deploy marketing calendar information into a datacard set which deploys updates directly to the reseller campaign pages

Eloqua as a Shopping Cart System

    • Pre-Order Content: Each product and promotion has been deployed so resellers can pre-order that product or promotional content and allow Account Executives to identify interest levels in promotions. All data is saved to the datacard set and deployed on custom dashboards so AE’s can get real-time information of those showing interest and follow up via phone
    • Pre-Order Inbox: Much like a shopping cart system, all items that the reseller pre-orders are shown back to the reseller so they can keep track of their interest levels in particular promotions and products
    • Content Rating System: Each distinct element also includes a user rating system. This allows Intel to understand which elements are sparking the most interest and react differently for future campaigns based on that information

Eloqua as a CRM

      • Custom built dashboards were created, with embedded Prospect Profiler and embedded web form with data lookup to allow AE’s to update their existing accounts directly within the Eloqua dashboard. They also allow the AE to get a 360 degree view of the accounts they are working on directly within Eloqua.

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