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MarketOne announces Zero Touch Email for Eloqua

Date: 13 November 2017

MarketOne today announces the launch of Zero Touch Email for the Oracle Eloqua marketing automation platform. Once configured, the solution enables marketers to populate and push highly personalized emails to subscribers with zero effort.

Zero Touch Email for Eloqua uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to push content held in a content management system – text, links and images – into a pre-configured email template, before automatically sending the email to subscribers at the desired or requested frequency – daily, weekly, monthly, or the moment new content is uploaded.

Unlike other RSS Cloud Connectors that exist for Eloqua, including Oracle’s native RSS application, Zero Touch Email can support one-to-many relationships between subscribers and the content they wish to receive. A single email can be populated with content from several different RSS feeds, depending on preferences stored in a contact field or using a data card lookup.


The solution is ideally suited to any company that updates its content or product database at a high frequency and wishes to enable its users to receive up-to-the-minute alerts or notifications. Current use cases include:

  • Commercial property giant JLL updates subscribers with the latest premises that fit their requirements across different geographic regions and property types
  • One major used car sales website automatically notifies potential customers about vehicles that match their saved search criteria
  • A tech innovator enables business and technical decision makers to sign up for the latest news on hot technologies and industries of interest

Warren Everitt, VP for APAC and Partnerships & Alliances, commented:
“I’m excited not only because this technology delivers real and immediate value to the end-user, but because it finally allows marketers to sit back and enjoy a cold one as the emails take care of themselves. I think it’s fair to say that with this solution, we’ve truly put the automation back in Marketing Automation.”

For further information on pricing, or to get a demonstration of the solution, please complete this simple form, or chat to us on this page right now.