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MarketOne APAC at Oracle CloudWorld 2014

Date: 7 March 2014

MarketOne APAC sponsored Oracle CloudWorld 2014 in both New Delhi and Melbourne.

More recently, MarketOne Australia ‘spent a day in the cloud’ at the Melbourne event liaising and mingling with the  1,000 + C-Level prospects who attended.

MarketOne were not only gold sponsors of the event. We were also responsible for conducting all the audience generation, utilising our Teleservices team. As part of the audience generation activity, we also conducted reminder calls, email confirmations and SMS reminders to ensure a higher rate of attendance.












From Left: Mark Sullivan (President), Rory Casey  (Assistant Ops Manager), Warren Everitt (MD),  Emmy Burrell (Digital Marketing Consultant), Monica Badran (Program Manager) & Brad Fijac (Demand Gen Manager)

Being focused on marketing and sales, the MarketOne team attended most of the presentations in Track 1 – Transform Marketing and Selling Smarter. During the presentations, the sales funnel was constantly mentioned by the presenters. The consensus was that one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is aligning their sales and marketing teams to ensure that there are no “leaks in the funnel” and that the customer experience throughout the sales lifecycle should be a positive one.

If you’ve seen us at recent events, you may have heard MarketOne’s pick up line, “What’s your number?” – you may even have taken our “What’s your number?” survey. At these events, we held discussions with sales and marketing executives to find out how they currently measure their sales & marketing effectiveness and track their ROI/ ROMI. The conversations focused on their “go to market” strategy and the current solutions and platforms that they’re using for measuring the effectiveness of their demand generation activity.

One of the questions in the survey that some responders seemed to stumble on, was “what is the percentage of the overall pipeline target marketing is expected to contribute?“. We often found that this was affected by simply not having their sales and marketing efforts aligned to push the prospects further through the sales pipeline.

We understand this challenge and know that our clients face this on a daily basis. By adopting the Sirius Decisions waterfall framework and benchmarking ourselves against best in class metrics, MarketOne is able to help alleviate these challenges by providing integrated tele-services, digital, data and technology services to help our clients better align their sales and marketing organisations and ultimately maximize their ROI & ROMI.










By interweaving human and digital conversations to create a single unified message, MarketOne has been able to help our clients align their sales & marketing efforts. We assist marketing teams in the creation of strategic, relevant campaigns, which deliver the right message at the right time, allowing them to answer the question “does your organisation really know who your customer is and where they are in the sales lifecycle?”. If you would like to find out more about how MarketOne APAC can help your organisation, please get in contact with us today.