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MarketOne Australia – fully Eloqua certified and raring to go…

Date: 20 August 2013







The MarketOne Australia team has an unparalleled understanding of the importance of Marketing Automation and the role it plays in demand generation campaigns and lead lifecycle management.

The MarketOne Australia team recently took up the challenge of gaining qualification for Eloqua Partner Level 1 Certificate for E10.

To get the most out of the training, the team signed up to Eloqua Topliners and University to gain access to the relevant training materials and documentation that would take them on the journey across the modules covering Campaigns, Integration and Automation.

Recognizing that simply reading through the (sometimes lengthy) training material and watching the videos wouldn’t give the team the in-depth knowledge that they craved, the team adopted a combined self and group learning approach. This meant that each team member would research in their own time and ensure that they covered all the relevant training material prior to each group session. The group sessions were then hosted by the MD of MarketOne Australia, who has been working with the product as a consultant since 2006, so there would be no one better suited to answering any questions or queries that were raised.

To ensure that the most was made out of these sessions, they were always interactive and often covered real world case studies which ensured the team not only understood the concept but also the context in which a client would utilize it.

All in all, six team members embarked on the Eloqua journey at beginning of June ’13 and by the end of July all six team members were fully qualified and eager to show off their skills.