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MarketOne opens shiny new office in downtown Toronto, Canada

Date: 3 February 2017

It’s high time we revealed our presence in Toronto – North America’s fourth largest city and one of its most multi-cultural, with over half the population being foreign born. It’s MarketOne’s ninth office globally, and our fourth in the Americas.

The reality is that MarketOne has had people in Toronto for more than three years. In fact we already employ twelve marvelous people there, so you could say it’s high time we gave them some permanent desks to occupy. They’ll be demanding chairs and running water next!

Why Toronto? Quite simply, the talent. Most of the people currently working for MarketOne in Toronto are senior technical experts, several of them ex-Eloquans. There’s a white hot marketing technology sector, backed by local venture capital, incubators and accelerators. As well as attracting a bunch of geniuses, we’ve used the base to explore and establish partnerships with Influitive, Vidyard, Nudge and Uberflip.

Toronto also has a reputation for producing top UX and design talent, and we’ve hired some super-smart client services team members there too. With the city’s universities schooling more than 150,000 students and the TorontoTO tech meetup boasting over 11,000 members, there’s plenty more likely to follow.

Team Toronto
The team in Canada celebrating the opening of the new office

Local market lead and director of technology services, Shaun Ma observed: “The gestation period for the average elephant is 23 months. Our Toronto office has been 38 months in the making, but they do say long developmental periods are common among highly intelligent animals.”

The new office on Adelaide Street East is in the historic center of Toronto, only steps from Eaton center, a Tim Hortons coffee shop just around the corner and with ridiculously easy transit access. In fact, the underground network pretty much takes you to the front door, so if you happen to find yourself in Canada one fine day, you really have no excuse not to pay us a visit.

Global CEO, Fred Ewald said (with a smile), “Canada has a reputation for being friendly and welcoming. Well, I’d like to take this opportunity to officially welcome our Canadian colleagues to their new abode. I think this move highlights that we’ll go anywhere in the world to find the best of the best.”

You can find contact details and a map for the new Toronto office here.