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MarketOne at Oracle Openworld Europe 2020

Date: 2 March 2020

Oracle has become a byword for innovation. In a world where technological pace shows no signs of slowing, any time soon, this solution vendor is always pushing the envelope that one bit further. An audience of selected technologists, decision-makers, and partners, including MarketOne, recently had the opportunity to attend perhaps one of most anticipated tech fests of 2020. Here’s what we learned.

The recent Oracle Openworld Europe: London 2020 event explored the brave new world of building enterprises through data insights, strength-testing bold new ideas and gifting us better possibilities. These included how we deploy AI through developing machine learning, and gaining a better understanding of your operations, markets, and customers – building blocks for any business.

As a long-standing Oracle partner, it was great for us to hear so many within Oracle CX speaking about the critical role partners play to ensure customer success. The event also proved an excellent opportunity to build relationships and hear positive testimonies from Oracle customers, according to MarketOne Client Services & Senior Programme Manager Andrea Babayan: “During the 2 days at the Excel London, we had the opportunity to meet many of our clients, speak to partners, and hear first-hand from Oracle customers showcasing their success histories with the help of Oracle technology.

Where previously for some, it was simply about passing the technology on to customers, the focus now is on ensuring an end to end involvement, helping them to adopt it fully. It’s a paradigm-shift according to MarketOne’s President, Enrico Brosio: “There seems to be a definite shift in mentality, away from simply selling technology (Eloqua), to caring that the technology gets adopted correctly, through a comprehensive change initiative. Oracle CX are looking to partners like MarketOne with an expertise in technology data, people and process, to help customers progress along the maturity curve.

Oracle’s new offering, Customer Data Platform, featured heavily at the event. It’s a packaged software for marketers that collects data, “linking information from multiple sources to build a single, unified view of each customer”. Without doubt, CDP (CX UNITY) represents something of a game-changer. It has already been hailed as a huge differentiator among enterprise marketing cloud vendors, bringing together first and third-party data sources to create a single view of the customer (SVC). This is of particular relevance to MarketOne’s clients, as the SVC data can then be used to fuel our segment model and drive better interactions.

If you’d like to learn more about Oracle CDP and about MarketOne’s segment model, why not contact us? We’d be delighted to explain in more detail.