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MarketOne and Oracle host webinar to explain “How Modern Marketing Works”

Date: 3 November 2013

Just last week, MarketOne and Oracle hosted a webinar in the APAC region on the topic of modern marketing. MarketOne customer Intel shared their views on the valuable contribution of marketing automation and the importance of a strong relationship with their automation partner. View this webinar now to learn how a modern marketing approach can boost your revenue performance.

Marketing in the modern era is driven by the need to provide a relevant, targeted, and value-based customer experience. Technology has advanced the way marketers can reach out and engage with potential buyers.

Take time out to view the webinar and you’ll learn:

  • How the ‘hidden sales cycle’ means marketing plays a critical role in educating and cultivating prospects
  • How to leverage Digital Body Language™, sales integration, and real-time data to improve marketing campaign results
  • How multiple marketing technologies and data sources can be combined to provide a single view of prospects along their buying journey
  • What modern marketing techniques other successful companies are employing to accelerate pipeline