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Press release: MarketOne announces the release of EZ-Form

Date: 1 October 2010

MarketOne Press Release: MarketOne Announces the Release of EZ-Form.

A quick and simple way to set up customized registration forms for your events.

With the amount of events today’s marketers are running, it is extremely important to get their landing pages and registration forms set up in a timely manner. It can be difficult for marketers to maintain accurate and up-to-date registration records for events and webinars due to their busy schedules. MarketOne is pleased to announce the release of EZ-Form, a simple browser-based solution to creating customizable event registration pages. Within minutes, marketers can have a page ready to be sent out to their clients and potential customers.

EZ-Form gives marketers the ability to create a branded registration page complete with event name and details by simply filling out a short template online. Want to match the look and feel of your website? EZ-Form supports customizable templates that can accurately reflect your company’s style and image. Marketers can edit question fields for these registration pages, providing the flexibility to capture all of the information you need from your clients. The option to ask custom questions requiring a yes or no response, free text input, or elicit a specific response with a drop-down select box ensures that you’ll be collecting all of the metrics your company finds useful while eliminating incorrect values. With the added power of real-time web-based reporting, you’ll be able to return as often as needed to the registration page to monitor your attendees.

When coupled with the power of Eloqua, EZ-Form makes it easier to create and build upon comprehensive relations for your events and webinars. Registrants can be fed directly into an Eloqua program which will manage the sending of dynamic event confirmation and reminder emails. All event data will be passed to Eloqua by EZ-Form so that no additional work will be required for event communications once the original setup is complete.
“As one of Eloqua’s strongest partners MarketOne International understands the challenges marketers face today and is always looking for innovative solutions to increase efficiencies and help our clients maximize their ROI,” states Rob Brewster, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Eloqua.