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MarketOne will provide core marketing processes and support technologies to Aberdeen Asset Management

Date: 1 December 2010

MarketOne will provide core marketing processes and support technologies to Aberdeen Asset Management.

MarketOne is pleased to announce that Aberdeen Asset Management is utilising MarketOne’s expertise in Marketing Automation to deliver Eloqua as the core platform for maintaining customer relationships with clients. Richard Smith, Senior e-marketing executive, of Aberdeen was searching for the right solution that would help segment their prospects and customers while utilising the proper channels to drive relevant and timely content. In addition, they wanted to focus on consolidating data being stored in multiple databases to better provide a single view into each customer’s information.

Eloqua’s multi-channel integrated marketing automation platform was selected by Aberdeen due to its robust and industry-leading capabilities. Eloqua automates, executes and measures key marketing and lead management processes from lead generation to close, giving the user a 360 degree view of customer activity. MarketOne, a certified and experienced Eloqua partner, was chosen for implementation and managed services. MarketOne will assist Aberdeen with lead management, campaign management, lead scoring, overall analytics and reporting. Richard Smith stated that MarketOne had both the right credentials to assist Aberdeen with this project and the global offices that will help them roll this solution out to different continents.

MarketOne’s international presence and expertise with Eloqua will create an immediate positive impact on Aberdeen’s processes. “I look forward to working with Aberdeen, and I believe that this is an excellent fit”, said Enrico Brosio of MarketOne Europe.

About Aberdeen Asset Management:

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC is a global investment management group that manages assets for both institutional and retail clients from offices around the world. Aberdeen Asset Management’s mission is to deliver strong fund performance across diverse asset classes where they have a sustainable competitive edge.