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MarTech Conference comes to Boston, home of MarketOne – will you be there?

Date: 4 September 2018

Is it possible to touch on the topic of MarTech without mentioning that infographic? One of the single greatest pieces of B2B content marketing (it’s no longer an infographic it’s a ‘supergraphic’), the logo landscape has been used in countless presentations to highlight the dizzying array of technologies now at the disposal of marketers.

And now we have the event of the graphic: the MarTech Conference, which comes to Boston’s Hynes Convention Center from October 1st to the 3rd. Doubtless, a significant number of those logos will feature on the booths, badges and brochures of the exhibitors.

But the conference aspires to be much more than a vendor showcase. In their words: “We created this conference to help you discover, learn, and connect with others passionate about the challenges facing modern marketers.”

As we found when we attended last year, it’s an unmissable opportunity to meet like minds. We had a lot of fascinating conversations about the organizational challenges companies were facing around data, people and process – and surprisingly few discussions about the relative merits of the marketing technologies on display.

The focus of the event is on networking and educating, not selling. In that spirit, this year we’re offering up one of our biggest brains, Shaun Ma, our Global Director of Technology Services, and Mary Kleinsorgen, our Technology Strategist, for a free 25-minute consultation with all you B2B marketers out there who would welcome an impartial perspective on their use of marketing technology. If you’re interested in meeting up, you can express your interest here.