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MarketOne announces strategic partnership with Mintigo

Date: 1 November 2017

MarketOne today announces a strategic partnership with predictive analytics provider Mintigo. Together, MarketOne and Mintigo will enable B2B customers to unlock the value of predictive sales and marketing intelligence through innovative account-based marketing (ABM) programs.

Mintigo leverages its R&D team’s exceptional pedigree in data science to aggregate and mine thousands of known facts across millions of companies. Algorithms combine this third-party data with customers’ first-party data, then predictive models and artificial intelligence identify the contacts and accounts with the highest propensity to purchase, and the customers most receptive to cross- and up-sell offers, or at risk of churn.

In turn, MarketOne develops a segment-based marketing strategy, defining the most appropriate treatment for each segment: how and where to reach people, what messaging and content is likely to resonate, and what information to gather to enhance understanding. A test-measure-learn approach to execution ensures ROI can be proven and clients know when to persevere or pivot.

Gail Morag, VP of Business Development and Partnerships at Mintigo commented:
“Every company we talk to wants to use data and advanced analytics to transform their account-based marketing strategy. But unlocking the power of a predictive marketing platform requires changes to the way both marketing and sales operate. Working with MarketOne, our customers get the best of both worlds – award-winning technology and a service provider with the experience to guide them through their transformation.”

Warren Everitt, the MarketOne VP responsible for Alliances & Partnerships was equally effusive:
“What I like about Mintigo is their total transparency. Rather than operating as a ‘black box’, they actually tell us which data points the predictive model has indicated are important. This gives us the crucial context we need to develop the most relevant and effective account approach – whether that’s an outbound sales play, or an automated lead nurturing program.”

Mintigo scores accounts and leads and identifies those most likely to buy

About Mintigo

Mintigo delivers intelligent customer engagement powered by AI for marketing and sales. Mintigo’s AI-based platform helps marketing and sales teams use data and intelligence to find buyers faster. Companies including Oracle, Getty Images, Red Hat, Insight, CA Technologies, Workfront, Equinix, SolarWinds, Time Warner Cable, and Neustar work with Mintigo to transform their marketing automation and sales processes. To learn more, please visit