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MarketOne partners with PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ)

Date: 29 May 2018

OK, everyone please stand up.

Now, sit down if you want your website visitors to spend more time reading and watching your content.

Great. Please sit down if you think your prospects would rather consume that content via a channel of their choice, at their pace.

Right, now sit down if you think it would be helpful to see if a number of people from one of your target accounts were engaging with your content.

Thanks, one last one. Sit down if your sales team would love to be able to send their hot prospects a link to a specially tailored bundle of content – and get alerts when they visit.

To all those still standing: nothing to see here. You may find something of more interest among our fabulous articles.

Those sat down may be interested to know that MarketOne is partnering with PathFactory so that our clients can do all of the above – and much more. PathFactory is the world’s first Content Insight and Activation Platform, enabling B2B marketers to optimize content delivery at every stage of the buyer’s journey so buyers complete the path to purchase faster.

Warren Everitt, VP APAC and Partnerships and Alliances, comments:

“We have to work so hard to earn the attention of busy buyers. Once we’ve got them, we need to make the most of the opportunity. They want to learn and explore on their terms – not wait 11 days for your next automated nurture email. We’re encouraging our clients to think beyond linear, email-centric user flows. PathFactory is unique in that it can both inform and trigger the next best offer or action – regardless of channel.”

Tim Hester, PathFactory Alliances, and Channels Director adds:

“Working with MarketOne is going to help us address the needs of our global customers. Together we can provide B2B marketers with a new class of data that will generate tons of insight and answer important questions about the role content plays in the buyer’s journey. PathFactory customers integrate our Content Insight and Activation Platform with their marketing automation providers, so MarketOne’s expertise with Oracle Eloqua and Marketo is invaluable. Most importantly, they’re focused on delivering sales outcomes – which is why we’re all in business at the end of the day.”