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Where to next for axed Telstra employees?

Date: 13 July 2016

In the wake of news that Telstra has cut hundreds of jobs from their local call centres, there are many hard-working Australians who are wondering where to look to for their next career move. In a day and age where these types of jobs are being outsourced more and more, are there still opportunities out there?

Someone’s calling…

MarketOne, a leading integrated demand generation provider, is on the lookout for call centre staff eager to fill its rapidly growing business. With roots in Boston, USA, MarketOne set up shop in Melbourne in 2006 and now has offices that span the entire globe. As one of the fastest growing agencies in the country, we owe our continued success to our people and we’re committed to recruiting and developing local Australian talent across a broad range of marketing disciplines.

So, will you answer the call?

Contact us today to learn more about a career with MarketOne