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Case Study

Teleservices drive global expansion

MarketOne helped a technology company to expand into two additional continents and double revenue – in less than a year.

The CMO of this data-driven technology firm approached MarketOne with the challenge of using marketing and teleservices to grow global sales. They realized they didn’t have the resources or lead generation processes to achieve their sales and marketing goals worldwide. In fact, they were diluting inside sales reps’ time by generating meetings with unqualified prospects.


Through consultation with MarketOne, they established the following criteria for success:

  • Develop new relationships, in net-new accounts
  • Assess differing markets using conversation-based reporting
  • Understand which leads to prioritize and which leads to nurture
  • Focus on targeting ideal accounts and titles by region
  • Pre-qualify leads in order to effectively manage telequalification, teleservices and sales volume


MarketOne worked with this client to identify goals, adjust strategy and align inside sales teams around the world.

The key driving factors in solving this problem and scaling globally were:

  • Developing a sophisticated, scalable lead management process to prioritize volume
  • Putting in place a global telequalification and teleprospecting team with a rich understanding of regional business models and needs
  • Applying conversation-based lead qualification and delivery that enabled sales to keep focused on revenue
  • Focusing on the generation of incremental, regional MQLs to maintain international sales consistency


In the first year of the progam, MarketOne’s teleservices delivered:

  • 664 MQLs
  • 197 converted opportunities
  • 89 closed won deals
  • $14,500,000 in in total client sales revenue