Changing the tires while driving: Watch our session from B2B Ignite USA

Check out our Schneider Electric case study from B2B Ignite USA

Watch the video below!

In their session as part of the ‘Growth and Innovation’ track, MarketOne’s CEO Fred Ewald, supported via Zoom by Catalina Dobre, Director of Global Production and EMEA client services and Kalja Moolenaar, Senior Digital Strategist, presented Changing the tires while driving: transforming Schneider Electric’s buyer experience by combining digital transformation with error-free execution, a case study highlighting how strategy and execution are inseparable elements when delivering successful digital transformation.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • The importance of segmenting your database based on customer journey
  • How always-on programs can drive engagement throughout the buyer journey (and save time as well!)
  • The key elements in effective, error-free execution