How to Lead Score Like a Boss: Watch our session from B2B Ignite London

Miss our speaker session at B2B Ignite London? Take your lead scoring to the next level

We have the video here!

In their session as part of the Marketing Operations and Technologies track at B2B Ignite London, ‘The ’80s called and they want their lead scoring back: How to lead score like a boss’, Mary Kleinsorgen, Senior Marketing & Technology Strategist, and Gifford Morley-Fletcher, Senior Marketing Strategist, had a totally tubular conversation that debunked the myths of old school lead scoring and explained how to set up a lead prioritization process that makes your sales team want to party like it’s 1999.

Key takeaways – what was covered in the session:

  • Learn to lift your lead quality like 99 red luftballons.
  • Love may be a battlefield, but Marketing’s relationship with Sales doesn’t have to be. Learn one simple trick to achieve true alignment.
  • Spinning right round, like a record with lead scoring? Learn to spot these common pitfalls in your lead prioritization process.