The Silent Killer of Pipeline: A Webinar with Oktopost and MarketOne’s Shaun Ma

Pipeline is being murdered, but who – or what – is the culprit?

Shaun Ma, MarketOne’s Director of Strategic Advisory, joins Oktopost and Kenda MacDonald, CEO of Automation Ninjas, to discuss ‘The Silent Killer of Pipeline’. B2B marketers have so much data coming at them, but it is hard to know if you are collecting and reviewing the correct types of data. This webinar will help to understand the right types of data and how to gather it to keep your pipeline alive

In this webinar you will discover:

  • Who is the pipeline killer? Could it be Marketing? Could it be Sales? Are there other guilty parties?
  • How should you rethink your pipeline approach and evolve it to be futureproof (need we mention the end of cookies as we know it)?